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I wanted to jot down some of the places i was able to visit (and even some i wasnt fortunate enough to attend) while i spent the beginning of my holiday vacation in New York. I stayed in the East Village and since that was an area i generally didn't go to as often, I tried to eat and explore the area a little more than past years.

Here's a list of some restaurants I ate at and would definitely recommend again to anyone.

The Redhead - crowded bar area upon entrance with seating in back and a varied menu with wonderful starters like the Parsnip lobster soup and hearty vegetable dishes. Also very nice cocktails. 349 E. 13th Street New York, New York 10003

Back Forty - My favorite part of this dining experience was the homey welcoming feel as we entered the dining area. It's as if I was eating in a simplistic (slightly rustic) living room with found objects, tools, and drawings. This place has great selection of East Coast beers as well as hearty filling main dishes like my Grilled German Beer Sausage with homemade sauerkraut. This is a wonderful spot for any cold, rainy or snowy night. Sit in the comforting candle light and eat something that will warm your belly and your spirits. 190 Avenue B at 12th Street New York, NY 10009

Other places of interest are:
Epistrophy - Very cute, relaxed Wine Bar with appealing cheese and vegetable plates, and lots of French Speakers.
Black Rabbit - One of my favorite bars in Brooklyn.
Grassroots Tavern - I understand this dive bar is normally overrun with NYU kids, but I was lucky enough to go while they were all home for vacation. Good, cheap beer.

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