"A certain sentence from an interview with Phoenix published in the New York Times last week has gotten music and film sites buzzing the past couple days: “Among the band’s next projects,"the Times" Melena Ryzik wrote, “is a movie directed by Sofia Coppola, Mr. Mars’s girlfriend, based on its song "Love Like a Sunset."

We knew that front man Thomas Mars will be contributing music to Coppola’s next feature film, Somewhere, but this report of an entire film based around one of his band’s songs is news to me.

Ryzik left the details out of course, leaving us with a host of unanswered questions, namely: Will it be a feature-length film? The two-part song, which sits about halfway through Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, is almost entirely instrumental and only seven minutes long, so it seems unlikely that it could inspire anything of feature length. My guess: Coppola will direct an epic music video to cap off the band’s whirlwind promo tour for their breakthrough record." /VIA

Phoenix - "Love Like a Sunset"

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