iOS 5

Here are some of the new features of iOS 5 that I find useful, long awaited, or just plain cool. 

1.Wireless Sync. Finally iOS 5 devices will sync, backup, and perform software updates wirelessly once connected to an AC outlet. No more need for USB cords! Now this can all happen while your phone charges at night while you sleep.

2. Keyboard Shortcuts. I find myself texting the same group messages all the time. For example I might txt, "Hey, whats going on this weekend?" to a group of my friends. Now I can set that phrase to auto fill when I type "hwg."

3. Added contact fields. A few new fields have been added allowing you to add a contacts social media address as well as family relations.

4. Facetime, all the time. After many complaints from iPhone users Facetime is no longer limited to Wi-Fi. 

5. Define. Although this is by no means groundbreaking the added feature of a dictionary to reference when writing is a nice, helpful add.

Other additional features:
-ability to use device while sync takes place in the background
-ability to speak txt.
-hourly weather forecast and weather for current location
-lock screen notifications and notification sorting
-Pinch Zoom for Camera Feature
-and many more.

200 more new features to be exact, and depending on which iOS device you have, some or all are available to explore! Have fun.

You can view a complete list of features here. /LINK

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